How to marry a Brazilian

Introduction: Getting Married in Brazil for Canadian

Getting married in Brazil as a Canadian can be an significant journey, for those looking to start a life in Brazil. However it’s important to understand the procedures required documents and legal requirements before celebrating this occasion. This comprehensive guide will take you through each step of the process from gathering the required paperwork to the wedding ceremony. Make sure to follow each step to ensure an memorable experience. Lets begin!

Step 1; Collecting the Required Documents

Before tying the knot in Brazil you will need documents that verify your identity and marital status. These include;

1.1. Canadian Passport

This is your primary identification document.
Source; Website of Canadian Passports
1.2. Birth Certificate

Make sure it is current and recently issued.
Source; Canadas Vital Statistics Agency
1.3. Certificate of Marital Status

This document declares your marital status (widowed) issued in Canada.
You can obtain it from either the consulate in Brazil or, through the Vital Statistics Agency.

Step 2; Translating Your Documents

Since Brazilian authorities require an understanding of the content any documents issued in Canada must be translated into Portuguese.

The company Litero.com.br is an expert, in providing sworn translations. Can offer you assistance throughout the process. It’s important to select a trusted translation service that you can rely on.

Step 3; Hague Apostille

Certain Canadian documents might need a Hague Apostille to be legally accepted in Brazil. The Hague Apostille serves as a certificate that verifies the documents origin.

3.1. Confirming the Requirement of an Apostille

Make sure to visit the Hague Apostille Website to determine if your specific documents need to be apostilled.
3.2. Getting Documents Apostilled in Canada

Reach out to the authority that issued your document in Canada for information, on how to obtain the apostille.
Global Affairs Canada can provide you with guidance.
Step 4; Documents Required in Brazil and a List of Registry Offices

Once you arrive in Brazil there are documents you’ll need for your marriage;

4.1. Declaration of Marital Status (Alternative to 1.3)

You can obtain this declaration at the consulate or embassy in Brazil.
Source; Canadian Embassy in Brazil
4.2. Proof of Residence in Brazil

Show proof of residence such as a contract or utility bills under your name.
4.3. Medical Examination

Some Brazilian states may require an examination before marriage. Make sure to check regulations.
Find the List of Registry Offices for Marriage

To find a list of registry offices where you can register your marriage in Brazil visit the Civil Registry Portal or get in touch with the town hall of the city where you plan to marry for information.
Please keep in mind that requirements and procedures may vary depending on which jurisdiction within Brazil you are dealing with. It’s always important to verify the up to date information, with the relevant authorities. Best wishes for your wedding!

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